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Explaining Secured and Unsecured Debt

A secured debt is a debt that is secured by some form of collateral: a car, house or other piece of personal property. A...

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Bankruptcy F.A.Q.

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Q: Should I file for bankruptcy?

A: If three or more of the following apply to you, you should meet with us to discuss filing bankruptcy.

  • Collection agencies are calling you
  • Credit Card or Finance Company debts over $5,000.00 (not including car or house)
  • You have more than two unpaid medical bills
  • A foreclosure or other lawsuit is filed against you
  • You are getting threats of a foreclosure or your mortgage company returned a payment to you
  • You have been given notice of a Sheriffs Sale
  • You have had a repossession or return of collateral because you could not make the payments
  • Payments are more than one month behind on more than one bill
  • Your mortgage/rent is late or behind
  • You use cash advances/check cashing services
  • You buy necessary items on credit
  • You are late on payments, and you are 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul"
  • Your balances are not getting down even though you make payments
  • Facing or threatened with a wage garnishment or bank garnishment
  • You owe Income taxes or other taxes

Q: What are the benefits of bankruptcy?

A: The benefits of filing bankruptcy include:

  • Gives you a fresh start
  • Get rid of as many bills as possible
  • Stops all calls and letters from Bill Collectors
  • Stops Car Repossessions
  • Stops Wage Garnishments
  • Stops interest on Charge Cards
  • Stops Lawsuits immediately
  • Sometimes Bankruptcy can improve your credit
  • Helps you catch up on house and car payments
  • Keep your personal belongings/furnishings (with limits)
  • Gets you out of Car Leases or other purchase contracts
  • Protects your assets from attachments/garnishments
  • Clears up past utility bills
  • Relieves anxiety caused by creditors
  • Helps to restore peace of mind

Q: How much will filing bankruptcy cost?

A: The federal court charges filing fees of $299.00 for Chapter 7 cases and $274.00 for Chapter 13 cases.  You are also required to take a credit counseling class both before and after you file your case; the cost of this counseling is $100.00 for Chapter 7 cases and $50.00 for Chapter 13 cases.  In addition to the filing and counseling fees, you are also responsible for the attorney fees.  Your attorney fees are determined on a case by case basis and detailed by the attorney during your free 30 minute consultation.

Q: Which chapter is best for me?

A: The answer to this comes only through consultation with and advice from an attorney practicing in Bankruptcy, who has studied and understands the Bankruptcy laws, knows the rules and also fully understands your situation. Before your attorney can give you that advice, you must provide complete information.

Q: How do I find the right bankruptcy attorney?

A: You need to realize that Bankruptcy is a complex area of law. Selecting an attorney strictly based on price may be the most expensive thing you ever do because it is possible to lose a bankruptcy case or, at the least, lose valuable property and possessions. It is best to hire a firm that has extensive experience in Bankruptcy law. The right attorney has enough experience to guide you through these difficult decisions.

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