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Car Accidents, Vehicle Defects and Product Liability Claims in Ohio

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Drivers are not the only causes of automotive accidents. Many vehicle accidents in Ohio are caused by vehicle defects, including faulty seat belts, brakes and other mechanical parts. If an accident is caused in full or in part by a vehicle defect, the automobile manufacturer may be liable under product liability laws for any injuries caused by the accident.

  • Common vehicle defects include:
  • Defective Airbags;
  • Defective Seatbelts;
  • Defective Tires;
  • Improper or Defective Child Restraint Systems;
  • Insufficient Structural Integrity; and
  • Top-Heavy Design with High Probability of Rollover.

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Slip and Fall Injuries Inside Your Apartment or Rented Home

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When you rent a residence, whether it is an apartment or a house, your landlord has a legal duty to keep the premises safe and habitable. If that duty is violated and you are subsequently injured on the property, you may have a legal claim against the landlord.

People often become injured due to loose handrails, rotted steps or porches, or falling ceilings. If you notice something dangerous or potentially dangerous, you need to notify your landlord of the situation. Documentation is important: send the notice through certified mail or use another method that provides proof that you notified the landlord of the problem.

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What is Informed Consent?

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Except for in certain extreme circumstances, when a medical provider cares for or treats you, that provider is required to obtain your “informed consent” for the treatment/care. This means that you were given all of the information about the risks associated with the procedure/treatment that a careful provider would normally give to a patient. It also means that you made an informed decision about the treatment based on an understanding of the information provided.

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Dram Shop Liability: Bar Owners and Drunk-Driving Accidents

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Drunk drivers are not the only parties responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by drunk driving accidents.

In Ohio, the owner of a restaurant, bar or other commercial establishment where alcohol is served may be held liable for the injuries and deaths caused by a drunk driver if: 1) the driver was served alcohol at the establishment and the driver continued to be served after he/she was noticeably intoxicated or 2) the drunk driver was a minor and was served alcohol at the establishment.

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Workplace Injuries and Worker’s Compensation in Ohio

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Filing a worker’s compensation claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is often the first step a person who was injured on the job takes to receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

While these claims can be filed without legal help, if you have been injured at work, it is often in your best interest to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. Worker’s compensation claims can be denied. Representation by a qualified attorney can increase the odds that your claim will be accepted and will ensure you have an advocate to fight for you in the event of a denial.

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Ohio Accidents and Premises Liability: Who is Responsible?

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Determining who is responsible for your injury may be complicated and often affects whether you are eligible to be compensated for damages related to your accident.

If your accident was due to your own unauthorized or dangerous behavior, you are likely ineligible for compensation. However, if your accident was due to the property's dangerous or defective condition, the owner and/or occupier of the property may be legally responsible for your injury.
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Dog Bites and Strict Liability

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In Ohio, if you have been the victim of a dog bite, the dog's owner, keeper, or harborer is strictly liable for your injuries. In contrast to most personal injury cases, this "strict liability" means you do not have to prove that the dog's owner or caretaker was negligent.
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How Is the Monetary Value of Pain and Suffering Calculated?

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Whether physical or mental, pain and suffering are both an example of "compensatory damages," or damages designed to compensate an injured party for his/her losses related to the injury. Other such damages include medical bills and lost wages.
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Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury Claims

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A birth injury claim is a specific type of medical malpractice claim involving injuries obtained during or immediately before or after the birth of a child. Cerebral palsy is a life-altering, sometimes severe condition and is one of the more common birth injuries.
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Personal Injury and Compensatory Damages for Economic Loss

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If you, or a loved one, have been injured as the result of another party's negligence or wrongdoing, you may be entitled to compensation for your economic losses. As defined by the Ohio Revised Code, Statute 2307.011, an "economic loss" includes: lost wages/salaries, medical expenses, and any other expenses related to your injury except those resulting from the preparation of your legal claim.
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